First, simple scene: A Simple House


Hello everybody! Glad to meet you everyone.

I have seen many great works on this forum and in different galleries. They all amazed me and I was wondering if I could be someday able to create something cool.

So I decided to take on a few tutorials, and after a day of " somewhat " practise, I’ve managed to finally create something my own, and I think the outcome was somewhat good for a newbie like me.:slight_smile:

I’m really pleased from the user interface of Blender, and I learnt a lot within this project, including Ambient Occlusion and many new elements of modeling.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes.:slight_smile:

I had to put the image to Imageshack since I didn’t want to reduce the quality of the image.

I used simple and pretty plain textures and shading on this little house. I tried to create some kind of texture for some part’s like the boxes, but I couldn’t get them to work properly.

I hope for some comments and feedback for what you think about my first work. :slight_smile:

If the thumbnail doesn’t work, try this direct link:

looks nice, a simple, cartoony house. good job

Nice work :slight_smile: It’s a fine start. Something that is really improtant when modeling anything is to use reference pictures for proper proportions and positioning.
Some suggestions:
1.Shorten the deck so it only goes up to the first white bar. (make the door go down the same white bar. (If the red/brick texture is the foundation, the bottom of the door should be just above it.)
2. Make the Stairs go up at a slightly sharper angle and add an extra stair or two. Right now the steps are to long/big imo.
3. Raise the first floor window so the top of the window frame is even with the top of the door frame. Right now it looks like teh residents would have to bend over to look out the window.
4. after all thats done you’ll probably want to raise your roof and second story windows up about half the height of your windows… as it is, it doesnt look like the second story has much head room =P
… Lol, well thats what you get for asking for suggestions =P Once again, you did a nice job for it bing your first scene. I look forward to seeing your future works.

for being a noob and just for a day this is a pretty good toon house.
you can get rid of the jagged eges with OSA. and the boxes are floating. and i larger plane would be nice.
but good work so far!! keep it up.

Thanks a lot for your critique and suggestions. I appreciate them.

I’ll keep those suggestions in my mind for my future projects.

Oh, and I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

@Superkoop: Thank you also. Yeah I really got impressed by this picture myself when thinking how short amount of time I kept learning to use Blender, but this project did take me a good good while. Many hours I can tell.

Oh, and where did you spot Jagged Edges? Or did you? My final render used OSA x 16 and I can’t spot any. Thanks!

There’s something I can’t place my finger on that makes me like this picture. It’s clean, and quality, for what it is. Keep this up and you too will create renders as good as any you’ve see here. :wink:

That’s how I’m feeling for this picture and that’s the main reason I posted it here. :yes:

The cleaninesss comes from Ambient Occlusion if you ask me. It makes the shadows look really smooth and gives a nice effect.

Thanks for your warm feedback! :rolleyes:

you must have updadted it, or imageshack was wierd, or it was my pc gave it jagged edges. i looked again and there were no jagged edges! so sorry for critiquing in that aspect! my bad, (or pc)

Well that’s pretty normal. Usually some internet’s render the image multiple times in your browser, and the final render will be the final picture. ( At least that’s very common on my internet ) so you probarly got stuck into the unfinished render and the connection got disrupted. :smiley: