First simulation: render error, Cloth Modifier

Cloth simulation, baked. I suspect a some typical noob error. Here’s what the F12 render looks like.
What’s the likely cause? tnx.

Here’s what it looks like in a Cycles viewport:

Also, I’ve noticed people reporting that occasionally something works in the viewports but the renders are screwed up. Is there a common denominator in those issues?

Check and see if you have subsurf before the cloth sim and also if it’s only active for renders.

Order of modifiers have an impact for simulations and also if they’re active.

As for viewport vs render differences with sims, I personally haven’t experienced any. But when first starting physics you’ll make tons of small settings errors until you start learning the process.


As expected, it was a typical noob error:

ORDER OF MODIFIER APPLICATION! I had the Subdivision Modifier BEFORE/ABOVE the Cloth Modifier, which apparently only works (!?) on ‘real’ vertices, not generated. --Which rather surprises me.

Here’s the blend: 2 diff scenes to play with. (4.7 MB)

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Yeah: at one point there was a beautiful viewport image, but the render was -as illustrated- all messed up. That threw me, but I’ve seen weirder things happen.

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