First Smothie

this is my first project in blender. It was supposed to be a blender cup (I was desparately out of ideas), but due to bad lighting, it became a lamp. C & C appreciated


uhh you need to upload your post online… try they got a great free service for picts…

oops! :smiley: My fault. check here:

try this one too:

Um… Just so you know, you mis-spelled “Computing” as “Computeing” and “Creating” as “Createing”…

Have you turned on “set smooth” for these models??? Also maybe one or two other perspectives would help flesh out these models.


try this:

by the way, i havn’t a clue on how to “Set Smooth”

Sorry. I get no picture.

To set smooth enter edit mode (F9), select your mesh, and click “Set Smooth” in the Link and Materials panel.

sorry. The lamp of illusion is here:

and my new and improved logo is here:

the image doesn’t want to grow up, so it stays a child. just look for it.

I don’t want to be harsh but I don’t see how to interpret this as a lamp! Which part of it is suppossed to give light? Giving light that’s essential for lamps, right? Reflecting light doesn’t give you the right to call yourself a lamp. :slight_smile:

Seriously it looks more like a can. Call it a can.

you don’t see it? liar! oh no, you’re not a liar, that’s just a refrence to some artwork you should see. AND DON’T BE SO MEAN! :<

I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m not trying to be mean.

You must have given the wrong links or something. But that thing I see is just not a lamp. I don’t say it’s ugly. It just ain’t a lamp. I see a big masif object. That can be interpreted as a can and reflects lot’s of light.

I’m not a liar BTW. I’ve seen the movie and I liked it too.

No it’s right alright, but this lamp is an “Illusion” The reasion why you don’t notice it is because the bottom part of the lamp offsets downward, if you look at the top say like the middle, you will see the glowing light bulb.

Now you mention it, it does look like a spray can, maybe if the illusion didn’t blend so much, give it a hard edge ?

I didn’t mean that you were a liar! I was making refrence to a painting entitled “liar” that is also an illusion.

It’s a lamp? Looks like an odd unopenable cookie jar reflecting 3 bare lightbulbs. However I can still see this as a potential lamp with some texture work applied: an overhead hanging one with a bug screen drapping down.