"First snow" EEVEE archiv anim

Here is some interiors shoots I just made for ma client (only kitchen for now). I made whole interior to render in Cycles but I want to try EEVEE. So I jump to 2.80 beta and start learning. After about three hours of “learning” I made first stills, and (apatite is growing when you eating) I decided to make really short video.
Eastra Easy Enivorment Engine is really extra easy!

Eevee have some light changes. And Big tv added on the wall. Shaders have only subtle changes - mainly bump power. And Eevee is straight away from blender. Without any 2d post processing!


Cycles shots:

EEVEE shots:


Ok, I finsh rest of rooms. Two bathrooms, bedroom, and dayroom. All rendered in EEVEE. I put is here becouse I don`t want make second topic until is “one work”. Mayby I try to do a Virtual tour in Eevee. (or maby it shoud be in WIP section).

What to You think about EEVEE for archiviz? And what do You thing about those interiors>

Kitchen v2 - better light and post process.


cycles is in the past in case of interior archviz in blender.
There is no need in noise battle, vram battle, days of rendering etc.
When they add RTX cycles (and also lux, vray, corona, etc) will die not only in archviz… EEVEE - like renderers are the future.

Hi thank for You opinion. You mean RTX cuda 10 support for cycles?
EEVEE have strong potenion under the hud.

no i mean RTX in EEVEE itself, like in game engines. This will kill cycles and other renderers. With RTX option already many people use UE for archviz instead of vraym corona etc. Cycles is the past, and EEVEE is the future

And RTX is something like special light model? I will try UE definitely I so a lot of good staff made in it.

Awesome work! May I ask how long it took to render the visualization in the video? Curious because when I rendered an animation in Eevee a few months ago it took a few hours, even though the animation wasn’t to complicated or detailed.

ArtAvenu, thank you.
This animation took 2,5h to render. Some of the stills form this project took 1,5h in cycles.
So for me EEVEE is really quick.

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Alright, that sounds pretty good. Eevee probably has had some render speed boosts since then. I had a two minute animation I created a few months back that took 8 hours. But definitely faster then Cycles no doubt. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes! Cycles is amazing and results are like foto but EEVEE is very fast and results are superb to. What I have notice that some effects like extreme DoF make rander longer.

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Yeah, I had DOF on that animation, as well as just about every other post process effect. So that’s probably why it took so long. But otherwise Eevee is lightning fast for the quality it outputs.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

Wow!!! Thank You!

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Excellent work! Just one thing for video that came to me. Softer cuts would do better result. Like 2-3 frame fade between cams. But the rest, like the speed of movement and frames looks great to me! :clap::+1:

Thanks for comment Tomeez. Yes softer cuts should be nicer but I wanted to merge music with the cuts.

You’re #featured! :+1:

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nice work !!!

Great work. The only missing thing I’m seeing at the moment when it comes to use Eevee for environments is how to achieve nice & clean shadows. I’d started to test it myself but I noticed (so far) that shadows are only generated by lamps, but not by the hdri (or world environment texture) in some kind of global illumination. I’m sure using some tricks over here and there could get the job done, maybe baking the shadows and mix them using nodes. Still, it’s very impressive and reflections looks nice too.


Hi, thanks for comment. Using HDR to generate shadows is probably not possibile in render engines such eevee. Mayby I don’t know something.
When it comes to using lamps, it alwase good to have contact shadows enabeld. And You have to play with start and clipping values. It is not so simple and out of box like in cycles. But outdoors scenes in archviz don’t look so nice in eevee. Od mayby I can’t do it right.

Both look stunning! well done