"First snow" EEVEE archiv anim

eeVee looks very interesting to me but I am not so sure if currently it can compete enough with solutions like Enscape.

Obviously enscape is very limited and shows some hefty GI noise blur but the GI result is pretty impressive considering how instant it works!

wow amazing

Its look like great fun for architects and interior designers. But belive me Eevee is powerfull. I remeber cycles “first steps” and then I had thought cycles will be great render eangine and really is. Even Vray have to put graphic card in use to be at the surfece. Eevee is now in beta. When it came to realese and another realeas, more and more features will be added and Eevee will develop. I have such hope.

Amazing rendering quality… the lighting itself is insanely and stunning, along with the natural materials…

Thank You @Kashif Riley. Lightning is very simple. A lot time I spend with GI volume. Somtimes give strange resultes.

In some areas it is. Blender or any dedicated render tool compared to those plug-ins for SketchUp - Revit always offer a drastically better tool-set.

With eeVee my biggest concern is the GI and shadow system. While it seems true that also Unity struggles with shadows, eeVees irradiance volume light probe needs baking and seems also clumbsy or not as efficient as for example the GI solution in enscape.

Truth is enscape GI speed while impressive shows the shortcuts when seeing noise in interior walls.

However the fact that you dont need to bake seems to make it more suitable for realtime and eeVee with GI baking is not realtime anymore.

Thats was a big hope for me when doing animations also including light sources.

Eevee isn`t real time and in my opinion eevee was never meant to be.
In Unit You have to build light (somithing like baking) too. I thing Eevee will be faster form realese to realese.