First Space Scene

Hi there! Completely new to all of this. Just a quick background on me. I am an art teacher of about 10 years now, I mainly teach studio art - k thru 12. I dabbled in CG back in college over 10 years ago. I never fully grasped it or had a desire, probably because I didn’t have a great professor. So, fast forward many years later, I keep telling my students as an artist you have to continually grow as an artist.

I cam across Blender about a year ago. I didn’t understand it, I tried to watch videos on it, but I never understood what I was doing! lol - I still don’t sorta. But, its a work in progress right? Well, I created my first space scene. Too me its missing something. Course, I’m my own worst critic.

I welcome any criticism / feedback from anyone! I tell my students all the time, “…in order to become a better artist, you have to accept other peoples opinions to help you solidify and push you to be a better artist.”


Sean M.

P.S. I watched several videos about planets, and asteroids from: Youtube, Blenderguru, and other random sites I cam across.

Looks pretty good. You should add a few smaller rocks behind the planet in the distance to add up the scene. Also the planet is too shiny. And you could make the asteroid less shiny alos. Lastly you could darken the scene, because its not liek that in space. You could also add a few more planets. Overall you could make the scene a bit more colourful. Thats just some of my thougths.

Here is an update. Still not colorful. But, hopefully its looking better. Still learning the compositor and how to manipulate everything.


You could also benefit by giving a slight yellow colour to your sun lamp. The specularity on the meteorite is a bit excessive in my opinion. You should watch the blender guru tutorial on asteroids, its pretty good.