First Space Ship

(Idgas) #1

Here is a pic of the first Space Ship i made. Come to think of it, the only space ship i made. Anyway i found it and started messing with it. Now that i know more tricks. hehehe Tell me what you think.

(SGT Squeaks) #2

Thats sweet looking!!! How long did it take? there seems to be a whole lot of detail by the engines.

(Idgas) #3

Well it was one of my first original models. It probably took about 8 or 10 hours all together. I got the idea for the engines from this pic

They took about 4 hours. I did those after i did the original ship.

(Dittohead) #4

That’s awesome.

You know you can save the image heres a tut:

(Idgas) #5

Yea i know how to save the image in Blender, that was one of my first modeles i didn’t know how at the time. Cool tut though.

(Aksy) #6

Cool ship!!!

The first thing what I’m thinking when I saw the ship is “donald duck” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(paradox) #7

Nice ship, like the colors, design and the round thingies on the exhaust


(Idgas) #8

thanks guys im still working on it and mostly the lighting

(Smerity) #9

That is one really interesting spaceship!

BTW, Aksy: It reminds me of Donald Duck too :smiley:

The textures could be improved a bit, and the window at the front looks too dark (it looks pure black)[/b]