First steps in archviz + cycles


I was thinking about testing cycles and wanted to try making some architecture visualization because I need it for my portfolio.

I’ll post all my tests and progress in this thread. so…

Here’s some work from last two days:

waiting for your crits :eyebrowlift:


Awesome Job Dude!

things i would tweak, is first desaturate the nature so the building is more point of view. and its a bit noise in the blured foreground

Yes, very nice work! I actually don’t mind the noise in foreground. The vegetation in general looks very good.

The one thing that sticks out to me is the water in the foreground. At first I thought it was actually a rock. Can you turn down the reflectivity of it?

This looks very good! The reflection in the windows is too blurred, looks more like metal. But the overall image and the vegetation is stunning. How did I not see this post before? :slight_smile:

one of the best cycles renders ive seen. Those trees are amazing . . . How did you make them?

Good perspective, nice colors/material, nice mood… great work !

Why did I not see this before ? :slight_smile:

Only one point of critic: The water looks more like oil from my point of view :slight_smile:

Kind regards