first steps into "advanced" animation

Hi all.

I’ve never tried to animate a character with legs and arms before so this was kinda a little challenge for me hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

No tutorials were used, no backup at all, just me teaching myself.

The fun thing about this video is that I havn’t removed any “bad” animation but I’ve saved the whole animation as I animated it. That means: the first step he takes was also my first step into animating this kind of character.

With each step he takes the more I’m getting the hang of it. : )




Very nice!! Better than what I could do! There is a step where he seems to jump, but it doesn’t look too bad. And maybe you should make him shift his weight side to side mre every time he walks. His hands moving while looking at them would also add to realism. Other than that it looks really good! Going to do more animations with this character?

thank you Dudebot13 : )

Yea, the jump at the second step was a early mistake but I chose to leave it so that I could see my improvements and it might be hard to see but he does actually shift frome side to side in the later half of the video.

There is a slight problem with the hand… It isn’t rigged correctly so I can’t bend his fingers, because when I do, they shrink… I would really want some help with rigging his hands so I’ve attached the .blend file here below so that any friendly volontear maybe could help me rig his fingers.

And if I get the fingers to work I have planned a short movie for him where he is supposed to meet a swing (pic below) for the first time - which leads to a lot of trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to Alienrig.blend

and here’s the beginning of the swing, rigged and ready to be animated : )

awe your babies taken his first steps, nice

i’ve been waiting for you to post this rig for a long time. thanks.

also the video is amazing for your first animation, and the idea is very original

[email protected] Hehe, yea he is : )

[email protected] Thank you, I don’t know yet if it will be a project I’ll be able to complete, but I’ll try to ; )

And for the ones that would like to see my swing rig (very nice and easy to handle) here it is: Link to Swingrig.blend

first steps was awesome, add some hipmovement and youre perfect!