First steps to photo realism.

cg-Hi Guys,

My name is Ionwe and i realy want to inprove myself in cg photo realism.
This is a recent render of me. But there is somthing that makes it unrealistic.
I really dont know what it is. Hope you guys can help:).


Wow this scene looks great! Amazing job on the couch and back wall materials/Texturing and the blanket and pillow look awesome! I would just say to lower the Left lamp a little bit so the shadow isn’t to much ( like its floating) and maybe increase the texture particles on the left white wall so the grain details are smaller. Great Job!!!

looks pretty good. some things need changed though.

1.) i can see your texture seams on the couch and the curtain you can either try and make the texture seamless. or hid it by adding more details where the seams meet and playing with the actual uv map to put the seems in good locations(edges of the cushions). i would opt for making the image seamless.

2.) your wall texture looks stretched and the details are too large. looks like stucco instead of drywall/paint.

3.) your floor looks like you used a similar texture as the wall.

4.) turn on Ambient Occlusion

5.) the lamp shades look to be similar materials. but one is transparent while the other is not.(i like the look of the non-transparent better…but that is a matter of personal taste)

6.) i can’t tell if the white spots on the carpet are caustics that went wrong or are blemishes in the carpet.

7.) lighting in general is strange i see 2 lights. but the shadow on the floor would suggest a window somewhere but we can’t see it.

8.) there is little contrast in this scene. you shouldn’t go nuts with different colors. but try and add more contrast. either between the different shades of brown or throw some more color in there.

for a more realistic looking render. add a window or let us see it if it is already there. and add natural lighting(HDR/Skybox/etc) instead of the lighting with the lamps.

The photo realism is there, it’s just that the things there don’t make sense. If you couldn’t afford to make the wall nicer, why would you have such a fabulous couch. It’s like the pictures are of some rare event like when someone has won the lottery but just loves living where they are. If you wanted it to be more “real” then I’d say age the couches, rips, tears, stuffing coming out, stains stuff like that. The perfect floor is the other part.
Hope this helps - Jerry

Looks great! If I had to point at something, I’d say the shadow in the lamp seems to show the bulb, not sure if it’s supposed to. Still, since I look first and read later, I needed a while to decide which was a render.

Lowering the camera to put it about at eye level might help. Right now it is at an unrealistic angle. The textures and materials look very good though.

Well i think you did well.

Those are some great tips man, thank you very much.
Right now i am buying a beter pc because while i was working on this project my laptop had chrached 8 times!.
when i have a new pc, i will use the tips from you guys.
I really cant wait.
one’s again thank you

Ouch! yeah having a PC crash constantly while trying to render is no fun at all.

once you are back up and running. let me know if you need any help with any of the items i posted(that you want to implement you’re the artist).

something else i forgot to add was your pillow. it looks like you used a low poly “pillow” then used the cloth modifier to add the pillow case. which causes the low poly faces to come through in the cloth. model your “pillow” with lots of poly’s then do the cloth simulation. will give much better results.

either that or your pillow texture is also tiling :slight_smile:

I didn’t read the previous posts but it seems nobody mentioned the absence of blue light in your render. The sky is blue so the light coming from the window should have some blue too.
(it’s “reference” not “reverence”)

Great start. I read a rule of thumb once that stuck with me: if you’re modelling an indoor scene, choose either natural lighting or artificial lighting, but avoid both. I’d like to see what the first render looks like with just artificial light, and the second scene with just natural light.

I really wanna see how that will turn out to. But on this moment i cant even open the blender project. Its a disaster. I’m so curious what the tips will do to the result. but i have to wait until my pc is build.

when i have a new pc i wil use the tips and update here.
(I’m dutch, hope the englisch is oke):smiley:

So. It took some time. but its finally here.
buying a good pc is harder then i thought
this is what i changed:
abient conclusion
wall texture
showing the window
lamp shades
hddr lighting
seamless texture couch

i’m also rendering a picture without the light of the window.

here is the image with the new improvements
2500 sampels.
6 hours