First steps


This is my first render with Blender 2.59 :spin:

I could not find the panel “shades”, in order to get more reflecting surfaces. What exactly do I have to do in order to set light colors, refractions? Does anyone know how that works in 2.59 :eek:

The down arrows on the materials tab might be useful. Also, for reflections, a background is necessary, unless you want it to just have the tint of the world.

Can anyone help how you can make a UV without holes?
I went Unwrap > Project from view

But I get holes. I am a total beginner, so please tell me where I should click to get the right menue.

BTW: Is it possible to save an UV-map for every view (side, back, cawling, roof) and import all of them at once later?

Or is it better to find a way to make an UV map that covers the entire chassis and how is it done?

Is it the right map style / geometry for putting logos on the car?

Well, I think there is another way to mark the surfaces, but I wonder if there is a quick and easy way to get a relatively good car UV map?

Can anyone walk me through to get the best car uv map?