First Submission - Luke's Lightsaber

Hi All,

First time I’ve done something with Blender that I think is worthy of the Internets.

Any thoughts or advice? I’ve been working with Blender for few months and am teaching it to HS students now.



Hey welcome to BlenderArtists sstrungis :smiley: :smiley:

Ok 2 things:

#1 Hilt is excelent. Might want to lower the spec on the black parts, but overall I’d say 5 stars for the hilt.

#2 The blade is not very good. but see, it is soooo easy to create good lightsaber blades in Blender. Here a good tutorial on how to do this:

Some of the pictures are not there but the text is…so I hope it helps. If you want I can upload an example lightsaber blend file.

A good real blade would just make this whole scene complete.

Change the spec, and add some ambient occlusion.

needs better lighting and background

Thanks for all the feedback. I tried out the lowered spec on the dark bits and it was not a big difference. The Ambient Occlusion makes a ton of difference in the quality of the light and shadows (had to look that one up, though).

I will consider a new background, but I am all tapped out with this project right now.

My students are quite amused that I am putting my work out here for the world to see.


whats the spotlight thing all about?