First Subsurf model (slight nudity)(UPDATED)

(TazyTiggy) #1

My first model using subsurfs, the whole time I have been doing it the hard way. He is a work in progress, comments welcome. This is my first time posting my work. There are three views, the last is the one that looks more like a photograph then a 3d rendering.

Edited to fix broken links, and add pic.

(Da Bourz) #2

Your images, on your website, do not show …

(TazyTiggy) #3

OK, I have been having trouble with that latey
I will fix it now
this is a listing of all my blender files on my webserver, the ones that I am refering to on the earlier post are subsurf, subsurf2, and subsurf3.

Sorry about the link problem.

(IMProvisar) #4

Yes. BBCode, not HTML. To check syntax, click the “BBCode” link in the lower left (as you post) under “Options” where it says “BBCode is ON”. Quick note… this won’t work if your webspace provider doesn’t allow hotlinking (I think that’s the “term” for it). Those using Geocities or Tripod, or many other “free” hosting services can’t do that, I don’t know about your host.

Oh, also… broken links on your images. :frowning:


(TazyTiggy) #5

Ok back up site


(IMProvisar) #6

Nope… I think I see the problem. I checked the properties, and the URL for the first image is “file:///C:/Xitami/webpages/Blender/subman.jpg”. When you code your HTML, you need to use relative locations. For instance, if your images are in the same… nevermind, it works now… you must’ve updated the .html as I started typing this, lol.


(IMProvisar) #7

Looks pretty good. The hips seem off. I don’t know… they just seem small, even for a man. Seems a bit too thin from the profile angle as well. Really good definition on the abs though, in my opinion.


(TazyTiggy) #8

I run a web server off my computer, and for some reason not all my images work. GIFS, backgrounds, and some jpg files work, but it takes alot of tweaking. I think it is the html editor that is causing the problem, not coding it right I guess. I think I should just but the link for where the pic is in the server files. Selida likes to change it on me. Thanks for the feedback, I’m still working on the file so there is always room for improvements.

(TazyTiggy) #9

The face is almost done. I have to add hair and it is finished.