First time attempting archviz. Please help me improve

This is my first time creating an interior scene. I want to know how I can improve it.

I feel like it comes across as a little empty, even though I spent so much time adding and moving things around. I also had trouble finding out how people use images as a backdrop outside the window while still maintaining perspective/lighting.

I know the scene might look quite simple, but it took me a long time to create as I am still a beginner.

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One of my “go-to tools,” when considering a film photograph, is a picture-frame sliced into two “L-shaped” pieces. Armed with these, I’d offer these suggestions. Slice off almost-everything to the left of the sofa, the wooden-floor up to the blue carpet, and the right-side up to the edge of the chair. No … maybe to the edge of the wooden panel, omitting half of the chair.

Now, within the frame that remains, make the floor-lamp seem substantial and make the elements of the ceiling chandelier much bigger and more proportional.

I’d say that’s pretty damn good for a beginner.

How much of this is your modeling? Did you design the room? What’s behind that wooden wall? an entryway? Is there anything behind the camera? to the right? Is this just one room, or a whole house?
It looks like a pleasant space.

How are you lighting this? Are you using an HDRI ? What’s outside now? Looks like something, but can’t see much.

Post some more pictures, screenshots.

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The sofa set, carpet, blinds and room are my own models. The rest are free models I found online. All the materials are my own except on the assets which i didnt make.

Currently its just 1 room so there isnt much outside of this shot. Behind the wooden wall is just a window/sliding door. I haven’t made a full house plan, its merely a single room

Currently its lit with an HDRI, which is also what you’re seeing in the background. The reason i covered it up with blinds and curtains is that that the perspective looks odd with the HDRI and the room floating in the middle. I dont know how other artists use photos for the environment of the house yet they still manage to maintain perspective

The reason I have not posted other screenshots is because the rest of the room has nothing in it

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I like that wooden wall, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. It’s as if this was a film set, and that wall is just a studio flat put up temporarily. I think you should flesh out the design of the house a bit more. Maybe there is a foyer back there, like a hallway with a door. Right now it looks like about a foot away from the window. Design more of the house, or get some blueprints of a real house and build that.

I know there are some tutorials on YouTube that will show you how to make the HDRI look like a real space by adding a ground plane. Lets see it with the blinds open, so we can see what’s wrong. Maybe you need a patio or deck out there, and some trees.

Looks very nice. I would shorten the curtains though. Some sort of pattern on the curtains would also break that thin sheet like look as IMO.

You might get more feedback if you post some wireframes and some images of your scene setup (off-camera).

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