First time attempting archviz. Please help me improve

This is my first time creating an interior scene. I want to know how I can improve it.

I feel like it comes across as a little empty, even though I spent so much time adding and moving things around. I also had trouble finding out how people use images as a backdrop outside the window while still maintaining perspective/lighting.

I know the scene might look quite simple, but it took me a long time to create as I am still a beginner.

One of my “go-to tools,” when considering a film photograph, is a picture-frame sliced into two “L-shaped” pieces. Armed with these, I’d offer these suggestions. Slice off almost-everything to the left of the sofa, the wooden-floor up to the blue carpet, and the right-side up to the edge of the chair. No … maybe to the edge of the wooden panel, omitting half of the chair.

Now, within the frame that remains, make the floor-lamp seem substantial and make the elements of the ceiling chandelier much bigger and more proportional.