First time Blender user here. Can anyone help me with this problem I seem to have hit using with automatic weights?

My problem in text form: When I try to move a bone up and down in pose mode using the blue up arrow, the bone rotates instead. When I try rotating it side to side with the red arrow, the bones rotate back and forward, and when I to to move them forward and back using the yellow slider, they rotate side to side.

How I got to this problem: …I selected the “With automatic weights” option thinking it would allow me to get perfect ik rig controls without a lot of hassle.

What I’m trying to do: Add a perfectly functional IK rig similar to the one used for the Scout, Sonic, and Inkling models in the Steam Workshop, so I can then use the models I plan on editing in Source Filmmaker.

If it helps, the models I’m using were I thiiiinnnnnk made in Maya though I don’t see why editing Maya models in Blender would cause any problems since they are both model editing programs.

This is a great tutorial for blender rigging and will teach you enough to rig the model you have.

Hey Dave…your bones look like they are upside down…

Are you able to provide the file so we can help better?

Unfortunately new users can’t upload attachments

You can upload here and let us know the URL.

1 Like Here is the .blend file for the model I’m working on at the moment.

Just real quick. Your bones are incorrectly positioned as referenced by emboo2. Also your bone rolls are all messed up. You need to take a look at some rigging tutorials. I would recommend you start with Humane Rigging and go from there.

start here and by the time you are done, you will have a better concept about rigging. There are a lot of the tutorials on Humane Rigging so take a few days to go through them.

I messed around with the ball rig, as far as the weight paints and mesh deforming goes, worked fine. I think your problem with snapping is you have snapping mode enabled, the small magnet icon in the row above the timeline.Capture

:sweat_smile:I had snapping mode enabled so I could easily position bones on those ball thingies without having to do much guesswork as to when the bones were exactly lined up.

then all you really need is to learn how to rig properly.