First time in blender.. HELP NEEDED!

Evening… morning… whatever depending on when and where your at in the world.
Im a 3D noob… not afraid to admit it… and have been “tinkering” with blender for 3 days now.
Below is the current rendering of what i have and as you can see… it has a few… problems… which id like to ask about here.

Ive scanned the database… poorly organized and overly thin for the specifics im needing not to mention my ignorance of even how to ASK what im having problems with… thus the image included.

This is my first thing done in 3d… im usually working in photoshop…
its an unfinished render of the Sophia Nora… a rather impressive vehicle from the NES game Blaster Master.

Needless to say… it has its flaws… the first and foremost is the appearancce of black specks and checkers in the hubcaps… the left engine pipes and the tires treads… all have materials tired to them… but none have textures applied. the Hubs are of the same material thus the same settings as the white ont he lower chassis… and its flawless… the engine… all of the same material… is only flawed by the left pipes which is an EXACT duplicate of right two. I have “tinkered” for 3 days on this problem and found that it ONLY shows when ANY setting in the image… has raytracing in the rendered image… unfortunatly… some looks can only be done through raytracing… any further tinkering hasent been able to filter out as to “why” its doing this.

Secondly is the chrome itself… its not as… characteristic as i was hoping… but ive seen a few chrome tutorials… well only one… but im hoping going through it will yield decent results when the vehicle is more finished.

Thirdly is the ice… Gods… this alone has been as much a thorn in my side as the black specks… the mountain background flows down into a lake… complete with texture and all… getting my snow/stone image to adhere to the mesh and actually look decent was a fight… but a single plane for the water surface was added… my intent was to get a similiar image… of blue ice… with sparce patches of white snow covering it giving off the realism effect… the snow blocking out the ices transparency and reflection in some areas… and the snow itself causeing the plane to rise through texture… when finished… all i got was stuck with the choice to be either… transparent to where you can see the curves of the ground below and a lil bit of texture… as shown in the image… or no texture… no transparency… and the plane just be the blue image with the white patches upon it.

And YES i have messed with ALL the mapping settings… and clicking the “texture affects reflections… and transparencies” all in all from what i seen… had absolutly no effect… then again… im a noob.

Either way… ANY thoughts ideas… or help would be greatly appreciated.


You could firstly turn “OSA” on in the Render buttons, and turn “Set smooth” on in the Edit buttons. Should clear up your picture.

For the checkered reflections: probably you have two same instances of the same object occupying the very same place, and the renderer has trouble with displaying correclty the material.

For the chrome rendering: try high values for Ref, Spec and Hard: Ref close to 1, Spec close to 1 and hard close to 250 to get preliminary results… Of course, Raymir close to 1 also for mirror-like reflections :wink:

hope this helps refining your picture.



First of all before trying anything else, go into the render buttons, (F10) click OSA and the 16 below it, then select the Unified render button located bottom right. Then press render as see if helps with a lot of the problems.

I would suspect that most of the black spots will leave with OSA turned on



That’s pretty good we both posted a reply about OSA at exactly the same time. :smiley:


that is a negative effect on the ocs setting… 8 or 16… unified render or not… all it did was take my render tine of 25 seonds and shoot it up to 5 minutes… the black checkers and pixels are still there.

as for the dual instances… are you refering to one object patrially being in another … or me accidentally duplicating something and leaving it in the very same spot?? if its the former… ALL the items are overlappsing another mesh in some way… and the rest of the image is fine so that theory is null… as for the latter… i can try finding any dual items by moving around verts by single clicking… but its late… that will have to wait till tommorow.

I mean the second one, and I actually mean OBJECTS instead of VERTICE, as I don’t think that double vertice will lead to this trouble (only smoothing troubles).

So, if you have vertice occupying the same place, you can make use of the “Rem double” button in the Edit options. As for object, using G_KEY grab an object to see if there’s an object laying under it: if no, press ESC so your grab is cancelled. If yes, confirm your grabing and then delete it.

Hope this helps,

Did some more fiddeling…
theres no secondary object… and the checkers and spots are still theres… but only on certain parts of the object as opposed to everything on the hubs…
The thing is… on the engine block… i did a borelean difference to etch a patteren out of the main block… the effect showed up on the wireframe… but it did NOT show in the render… the shadded… or the solid forms… so i tried selecting 4 verts that made the front face… and pressed delete. then told it to remove just the face… and there was my pattern… and its showing its surfaces just fine… but the rest of the block with its origional faces are still corrupt… so im wondering if theres something thats corrupting the data for the faces?? being the hubs and the opoes were just basic extrusions… theres not really a chance of overlapping faces… but just incase… is there a way… withit clicking each vert… to delete all faces… then to havve it auto reload them?? might work… might not but its all i got to work with for the moment.

Some of the black spots are probably normals in the wrong direction. Select one of the wheel hubs and go into edit mode. Select all the verts and press ctrl-n to recalc normals outside.

If your chrome is using raymir, make sure you have the ray button (beside the big render button) pressed or reflections won’t work.

If these suggestions don’t help post the .blend file and I’ll take a look at it.

Hope this helps,

Ok… it seems that doing boolean diferences on my computer makes a clone and applys the difference to that… and even though the single select of either items… or single verts failed to reveal the clone… the “remove” double" command is working… and i think its removing the double layer faces i was getting and spoke of deleting earlier.

That explains the engine block… its fine now… the pipes were just extruded… no deleting of verts or booleans so HOW it got double faces… ive no idea…

the hubs are also now clean through the Rem Doub… and im only guessing that it got double faces when i made deleted the center verts and made them two seperate halvs…
Ill try to look further into the matter as time goes on if i get any more odd effects like that… could be a possible bug that im lucky enough to run into.

Thanks for ALL the help guys.

Ive got all the doubeling things removed and fixed!! :smiley:

Any ways… Ive confirmed it… when doing a boolean difference… it leaves the two origional objects unchanged… and creats a 3rd and super imposes it over the first one… lil thing that all the tuts didnt bother to point out :expressionless:

I can only assume that deleting verts to the point that the item becomes two seperate halvs and reconecting the verts with new edges do the same somehow because thats ALL i did to make the hubs and they had double verts within them.

the ice looks better… but im still having a rather rought time achieving the look i want from it… can only think that iver all it will be impoissible as unlike the art programs i am used to like photoshop and fireworks… blender insists on gradients and textures being one in the same as opposed to theothers where they are seperate things to be adjusted accordingly.

The rendering engine that calculates mirrored reflections is also a bit simplistic… i was hoping for a certain chrome look as well but it seems that the surface will only reflect certain things… mainly the background/sky image… and no matter what settings i tinkered with… i couldent get any noticable reflectiongs of the surrounding objects into the chrome… i saw the sky in it… but not the tire it was right next too.

Heres what i got so far… its taking forever to render even at 25%… ive got so much raytracing in the image becuase the generic blender renders just fail to get the look i need… and even fails to light things properly.

Q… is YAFRay already installed or do i have to install it myself in Blender x.34? because all i get when i switch to it to render is a black screen.
And if it IS in there… how do i get it to work… and its a more effective… or faster rendering format?? what are its pros and cons compared to the blender renderer? :-?

Um… got yafray to render a pic FINALLY… had to remove the ice and background terrain layers… at 25% no anti-a… it took 5 min to render the image…and i didnt see ANY difference other then it being darker.
threw in the ice layer and terrain… sent it to 50% image render and clicked the button… nothing… the HD running like mad… 40 min later… still not a thing… i hit ctrl-alt-del and it said teh render was not responding.
so the effect of yafray… is for the time being unnoticable other then it takes 5 min to render a 25% image when the blender render only takes 25 seconds.
Mayhaps its just my pathertic computer… but… not like it matters any more as i cant do a decent scale render for it for final images any ways.