First time modeling a person (nudity)

This is a project that goes along with my On the Coast of Space project, but since that thread seemed to be more dedicated towards the other aspects of the picture, I thought I would dedicate another thread just to the human figures as they are almost another whole project by themselves! (Mods, if it doesn’t work that way, you can delete this)

Here’s what I’ve got so far. The head and hands are based on those in the tutorials at blender cookie (Absolutely wonderful tutorials!) but the rest of the body I made myself. The topology could be better, but I think it’s a decent first shot.

Any suggestions? I don’t need it to be super detailed for the image as the figures will be standing away from the camera with their backs turned. And while they won’t be animated right now, I hope to use these same models in future projects, so I want them to be pretty good.

And a couple of the head…

I need suggestions on what to do for hair, because obviously I can’t leave her bald. I can’t get particles to work right without enabling the sub surf modifier, and whatever I do for mesh hair (which would be ideal for this situation actually) just doesn’t look right. Could someone point me in the right direction?




Looking pretty good! I don’t see any issues except maybe in the upper arm and the head. Taking a page out of ChipMasque’s book, here’s a paintover I did to show what I was thinking for the head:

Note the new size for the eyes, the top of the head, and the chin. I’d also suggest taking out that center loop between the nose and the lips, then moving everything below where the loop was up.

Keep in mind that I’m not ChipMasque and as such, you should probably take my advice with a grain of salt. I’m not very good at modeling humans yet, I’m afraid.

As for the upper arms, I’d suggest you look at

I don’t know what to suggest for the hair. I know that if you want a stylized look, mesh hair will be fine. If you want realism, I’d suggest figuring out how to get the particle system to work for you.

I see what you mean about size of the eyes, and that’s corrected. I didn’t think the size of the top of the head was too bad until I finished the hair. Yup, that will have to be fixed.
But, I did get the some decent looking textured mesh hair.

Don’t really know what you mean about the upper arms. Do you mean the shoulders or just below them?

Thanks for your input!



Sorry for being unclear with that last link. What I meant was the third post on the third page of that thread. The upper arm in that pic has some pretty good muscle definition, and you may want to consider something similar for your model. If you’re not going for that look, then they are alright as-is.

Like I said previously, if you’re going for realism, I’d suggest taking out that center horizontal edge loop between the nose and the lips, then moving everything below where the loop was up. If you look you’ll see that in reality, the mouth is closer to the nose than the chin. You may also want to widen the jaw a bit. The area above the eye is a bit too defined, you may want to smooth it out some.

It might just be my monitor, but I’d suggest lightening the hair texture too, unless you’re going for a dark black. The shape of the hair is perfect.

Based on my preferences, the neck is a bit wide, the trunk of the torso looks a bit thin and the upper legs look a bit too straight.

Overall, it really looks great! You’ve done better so far than I have with human models. Sorry if I seem overly critical. :smiley:

Yes, you are being critical, but that’s what this kind of stuff needs! I really do appreciate it!

Alright, last three for tonight and then I’m going to bed. Eyebrows and eyelashes are placeholders, but help bring out the image.
I fixed the top of the head so there’s less forehead showing and removed that edge-loop, which required me to rework the topology a bit. But DAMN did it really make a difference! It’s subtle, but still quite noticeable.

Anyway, that’s enough for tonight :slight_smile: I see what you mean about the arm, and while I don’t want to make her really muscular, I think this will help. Gonna have to wait for tomorrow or whenever.

Thanks for your interest! Did I mention I really appreciate it? :wink:


Looking good! I see you’ve lightened the hair up a bit as well. On my monitor, it’s now looking like a dark reddish brown rather than a black.

I know what you mean, sometimes it can be hard to find a critical eye. “Oh, that looks nice!” is great to hear, but isn’t very helpful. Glad to hear my suggestions worked out! :smiley:

Looking forward to future updates!