First Time Poster - Hardware Difficulties, BSODs, Etc

Alright. Bear with me please - first time posting here.

So, a certain Blender Market developer suggested I come here with my woes and pick the brains of the network and see what we come up with.


  1. Blender loves to close and crash when editing settings or the scene in Cycles while using only the viewport. There is no common or consistent tell that indicates when it’ll crash, but it’s most often when in rendered view. Eevee will occasionally do this and often runs much, much slower than cycles.

  2. Blender will often crash, or my PC will Blue or Black screen quite regularly during render. As of this week, I’ve seen about 20+ BSODs and 1 Black Screen. So, if I choose to render a scene, I have to go hands off of my PC and let it finish, otherwise the chances of BSOD increase drastically for some reason.

  3. Ironically, with Blender open and doing absolutely nothing (which this is where I’m thinking this is a hardware issue, and not a Blender issue) simply pressing Alt+Tab will (rarely) throw my computer into a degrading state, where audio will go out, windows will start to black out on screen, and then I experience a rapid Blue Screen and restart. But… I’ve only seen this happen with Blender open.

  4. Blender doesn’t like to render via GPU and always works with CPU rendering, but almost never with GPU rendering. No clue why. Optix? Can’t use it and I don’t know why.

  5. Large scenes, and even some small scenes of 3 - 5 million polys turn Blender into the slowest 3D software I’ve ever used, taking several minutes to select an object at times… Undo actions can take as long as ten minutes.


  • 850w PSU paired to a 1500w pure sine UPS – Peak Usage hits 720w during render.
  • 128gb RAM
  • 2080ti GPU water cooled to a peak temp of 42c
  • 2990wx CPU water cooled to a peak temp of 56c

Troubleshooting steps performed:
When PC had failures to post last month, I reseated all RAM. Resolved the issue. BSOD frequency increased. I’ve disabled TDR to see if that helped with the GPU. No luck. Switching to CPU render and disabling 50% of the threads during render has increased system stability and reduced power consumption to 550w during render.

Any suggestions? My PC builder has at this point told me to just send the thing back in so they can replace the motherboard and CPU, but if you think there’s more I can do to isolate the possible culprit/s, that would help greatly.

Thanks in advance guys. :wink:

Hi there, and welcome to the forum.

A few months back I was suffering many crashes when running Blender, the whole system would crash and force my machine to reboot. These crashes would only occur whilst using Blender, so it took quite some time to work out what the problem was.
It turned out I had a faulty PSU. I didn’t have some of the other problems you describe, there was no real loss of performance while running Blender, but as soon as any heavy load was put on my system, as in there was a big demand on the PSU, it would shutdown.

I never really knew it was the PSU at fault but I took a chance and bought a new one and that solved the problem.

If you have another PSU. or can borrow one, it might be worth swapping out your old one to see if it fixes the problem.

I’m running Linux Mint 20 and Blender 19.3

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Thank you! I’ll put that on the list of troubleshooting steps. The build team wants to bump me up to 1000w anyhow, so that should be a good start regardless. =]

Check your RAM with Mesttest.

Memtest :slight_smile:

My Blender only started doing this in the last 72 hours and a google search shows that there are MANY people having this issue. Some with top of the line PCs. My own resembles your set up. I’ve been making a low poly scene, my first and all was going well when suddenly it just ground to a halt after I pressed Undo. It’ll do Evee render but if I try to move, select or add materials…it crashes or I have to walk away. Last night I was just trying to apply color to one face. That’s it and I timed it, at 30 min it was sitll trying to add that color. I alt tabbed it and left it overnight. When I came back in the morning (today at about 8am CST, I’d gone to bed at Midnight) it had added the color and was behaving normally until I clicked something in the scene. Then it slowed right back down.

I’ve seen all sorts of ‘it’s your computer’ and ‘you likely have too many vertices or faces’ posts but everyone seems to be missing that it’s happening to several people. The common issue is, undo. That’s when I noticed I was having an issue. I undid a few steps because I didn’t like how something was coming out and noticed it started slowing down and it only got worse from there. I’d cleaned up vertices and even reverted back to an earlier build. I tried a difererent version of 2.8 and still it would not stay sped up. Or would take several minutes to open. It’s not our computers guys. Blender has an issue. They say they have fixed the undo, feature in 2.83. I’ve just opened my file in it an it took a long time to open…still (sigh). This was supposed to be a 3 to 4 day project. Now in week 3. I’m not a newbie, but not an expert either. But would never take me 3 weeks to do a low poly scene, not even when I was a newbie. Does anyone have any other insight other than blaming folks computers?