First Time Rendering with a texture.

and this is my first post in this forum also.
greeting , everybody!.

the texture should be woodish brown , but for some reason blender changed it , why? , if i may ask?
anyway, how do i do?

I like the barrel configuration and sights in the design.

The design has some problems though: The stock and trigger scale are off, the stock is too bulky, and the back of it couldn’t be held against one’s shoulder so it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. The front sight would need a crosshair or other more precise aligning guide because the ring on itself is too big.

The silhouette is wrong because of the scale issues and even with right scale it could be too generic. The silhouette is an important part of the design so that it’s recognizable. Have to instantly be able to tell what type of weapon it is (handgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle) based on that. If it’s possible to tell which particular weapon it is compared to any other weapon, even better, but not as critical. Trying to push the latter too hard might just give too outlandish design.

You could do a google image search for “weapon silhouette” and see how recognizable your design is compared to any of the results.

Texture density on the back stock and front stock are dramatically different. The scale is too big for the back stock textures and they get blurry, some of them are stretched. This might be caused by different UV island scale.

Smooth shading is not used effectively to hide the polygon edges on the round parts. It can’t change the silhouette, which has to be done in real geometry and the model itself might be better optimized for that. Maybe upload the model for review (a .blend file), and if you want an answer to your question, include the textures in the file. Instructions on how to do that linked in my signature.

Not enough information to answer that. Have to know the material setup and render engine and what kind of textures are set to influence what.

i showed the silloute to my friend and he said it is a handgun :v , you right , the trigger is too big.

the texture became too blury because of my horrible skill of UV mapping, dont worry 'bout that .

about the shading , i think it is not because of the shading , it is more like because of the model itself.

thanks for the correction , mate! really appreciate it!

anyway. the texture problem solved , it is because of the format of the texture. i’m really new at adding texture to render , so i did not change any option at all , (unless that edge effect)