First time Room

I have been wanting to do a room so I came up with this. What do you think? It looks boring and uninteresting so how can I improve it.

1st test render

2nd test render

third render

Not sure what is wrong. To me it is boring and uninteresting What do you guys think?

Your going to want a foreground. Right now it looks like the scene ends behind the camera (It probably does too :D). Just put an object just behind the camera, that is going into the camera, that should add a ton of depth.

Also just work on doing something to make the subject interesting. Play with lighting. I think that is making quite bland. Use shadows, don’t overlight your scene. This article might help:

My advice is basically just play around, and work on materials.

Your materials can be betterm that pot at the right side is not right, I like the chandeliers and the table, You can watch some tutorials on Youtube about glass materials and You can put more objects back the camera to have some reflections on those objects, keep working.

The wine bottle on top will not fit into the wine rack. The ones in the rack look like the were stolen from an airline. Increase the size and wine racks are designed to hold the wine at an angle towards the cork.

Tardis Thanks for the article it helped.

You can put more objects back the camera to have some reflections on those objects, keep working.

I did try a cube but you could see the shadow on the floor. I will however keep working on it ans see what I can do.

Increase the size and wine racks are designed to hold the wine at an angle towards the cork.

I have increased the rack and the bottles also changed the angle.

I am struggling with the table and still working on it.

Your welcome. It’s looking better. It’s already getting much more interesting. You might want to consider putting some sort of texture on the wall to make it more interesting too. Looks a bit bland.

Tardis thanks I do have a texture on that wall I just got to figure out how to make it show better.

Very nice. One thing that jumps otu is the size of the wine bottles in the rack. Their mouth is just barely wider than the stem of the wine glass. I would scale up the bottles and the rack until they match the other wine bottle. The leaves on the plant come off as very cg. Smooth those curves some. I would lower the glossiness of the cangles some, and add some sss in place of diffuse. sss by default looks waxy. The hallway also seems very narrow, like you’d have to do the mission impossible to go down it.

The lighting still needs to experiemented with some. I would try having it a bit more overhead, pointing straight down.

Good progress!

Make it believable in the modeling stage. For example, the pathway between two walls on the
right side is just too narrow for any practical purposes and it immediately throws off realism.
I think you wouldn’t see such architecture anywhere.

Next, think about your lights. What is the source of your light? Is it the sun or is it artificial (lamp)?
If it is the sun, it must be coming throught the window, right? You can add stuff to drop some shadows on the scene,
perhaps the cross inside the window frame or some leaves from a tree (you can use an alpha map of leaves in
front of your light source behind the camera, for example). Add some normal maps for the floor and wood,
perhaps tweak and experiment with your glass material a little bit more, add a rug in front of the cabinet for a little contrast…
keep at it!

Hey, good start… I think my jobs are at the same level of quality. I’m learning yet. The hallway isn’t in the right scale and the plant is break up the way, so, in a real situation, you will not use it. The candle are on, but looks like a day scene. Did you used the Blender Internal?

Keep working.

Photox thanks for commenting about the bottles I have scaled up the rack and the bottles. I am still working on the leaves I will see about doing some curves on those soon.

I have widened the hallway so It is bigger now I have been thinking about the lights and I changed it to a plane emission and I wanted the artificial light so I hope that is what I have now. Also I have more shadows that are much softer. I did some maps on the walls and the floor.

fabio.costa.lea I saw your post after I done more work on this. I do plan to make some changes to that soon

The mapping is on Texture with this.

Now this one is point. So which one should I use. I like the texture one myself. But I wanted opinions.

I don’t see a difference between the image with the texture and without it. Do you have it set to influence the bump? Like I’ve already said, add some foreground. That should make a big difference. Figure out what your subjects is (I’m guessing the shelf) and add more saturation around it. The hallway is still too thin. Does the rug have any thickness? It looks too flat. The floor needs a normal map, and the floor boards look to big. The candles shouldn’t be lit, and they should probably also have some wax running down the side, they look too perfect. Would you mind posting a few OpenGL renders of your scene from a few different angles?

Sorry about how I’m just listing off things without much context, I didn’t want to give them spaces and make it one of those posts that people have trouble reading because it’s too long.

It’s really taking shape… the proportions of the wine bottles look much better on the shelf. Scaling is a real tough thing I have found unless your using real world measurements on everything.

I do agree with Tardis maker on 2 key points… the width of the wood floor planks and I would still make the hallway a little wider than it is now.

I’m not sure, but the wine photo may benefit by having a frame… but if it is one of those frameless paintings, maybe you should try giving it a little more depth.

i want to thank everyone for their advice and recommendations. I am not ready for any architecture renders at this time so I am calling this done. i don’t want this to drag on and on.

The chair is from architecture acedemy from Andrew Price when he first gave away a free package.

Tardis I wasn’t sure what you meant when you said to have more saturation. Wasn’t sure if you meant in the entire room or just the floor. Will you please let me know what you meant?

I meant the floor.