First time sculpting

My first time sculpting (the apples)! Not sure if that worked well? Would love some input into how to improve it :slight_smile:


I mean the over all models pretty good but I would recommend adding a bump node just so the reflections aren’t so smooth but other wise keep up the good work man!

Damn it, you’ve made me hungry, marigold! And it’s midnight, so I can’t go out and get apples! And my folk upbringing is screaming at me to make apple pie when I see that big bucket!

(pro tip: use brown sugar instead of white, add a tiny bit of lemon juice and cinnamon to the filling for kick, and if you can get it, add fireweed honey to the filling)

Also, great job at a first time sculpt. My first “sculpt” looked like a lumpy mess; the same could be said about a lot of my subsequent “sculpts”. Anyways, keep it up :+1:

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oh good idea! thank you

you’re such a sweetheart, thank you.

agree fully on your pie making tips - also, if you cut the crust with some Gruyere, it really offsets the apples nicely :slight_smile: