First time texture painting fails

Okay so today I tried out UV-unwrapping and texture painting for the first time. I manged to unwrap my model using ‘Smart UV Project’. Then I opened up the image editor and created a texture to draw on. After that I managed to get the texture to show on my model. Great success!

However, I cant get texture painting to work from the 3D-view, only from the UV-editor. When I paint on my 3D-model, all I get is some strange lines all over the image. In the attatched screenshot I started out with filling the texture with pink color in the 2D UV-editor. Fine, no problems at all, then I tried changing the color to green using a big brush in the 3D-viewport which produced the strange artifacts shown in the screenshot.

What is happening here, and how can I get texture painting to work? :spin:

Give this a try

Swap from Cycles to Blender Render while painting - it works better when having not committed the image to the material yet. I could be wrong however - I see you are using it in Cycles properly, but it should work well if using Textured view in the 3d viewport, but sometimes I have issues with it swapping depending on which texture node is selected in the node editor. I usually now paint all in Blender Render and then save the images to plug into the cycles nodes.

Just finished watching this and I think it answers all questions I ever had about texture painting. Good stuff! :smiley:

Yup, it seems that Cycles isn’t optimal for texture painting and Kent Trammell confirms this in his cg cookie video tutorial. It seems a bit counter intuitive to go back to Blender Internal but I guess it’s just a matter of time before it works with cycles as well. Thanks!

Okay I just solved my problem. I unchecked “Normal” from “Project Paint” and now it works even when cycles is used as renderer! Yay! Thanks again :slight_smile:

Is that a pay to view video? I couldn’t see it but I know some CGCookie material is restricted viewing???

Maybe it’s your browser settings that prevent you to watch it, i have no account at cgcookie and could see it without a problem, so it’s not one of their paid-only video.
I see this video is hosted on youtube, maybe try to watch it directly from there in case your settings have problem with cgcookies ?