First time texturing

I just started with texturing/baking. Here is something really low poly, which i tried to texture as best as I could. As said above this is the first time I used textures extensively, which I willl be practising over the following weeks. All textures are internal, baked or handdrawn. I`d be happy if you could give me some pointers on what I could be focussing, like a clear learning curve. Thanks

Viewport render:

PS: Well, ok there’s subsurf, but everything else is mapped.

I think tiles can be tricky to texture, if you are looking for a realistic style, that is. All of your tiles look good, but are identical, that’s okay if that’s what you want, but I prefer more variation. I’ve experimented with this a bit before, and there are several ways to add variation, but they’re all quite time consuming, I’m afraid, especially if you want to add matching variation in the geometry and normals. I like to have several textures mapped over different sizes, controlled by another texture, I’d have some tex’s mapped to the tile, some mapped to position, or global. You can end up with any combination of different tiles by clever use of the control texture, to produce results like having several ‘key’ tiles, that are randomly positioned, with minor variations, so they look more like tiles you would buy in a pack. You can share the textures with the displacement modifier to produce geometry that matches the tiles, to give variation in the surface.

The texture on the surface looks pretty good, but the wooden edging is a bit odd.

Hope this helps?

The texture on walls is a bit weird. Also ground texture needs more work I think.

Without wanting to be offensive, “a bit weird” and “needs more work” is neither specific nor helpful. Please ignore the bottom left corner. All I got so far is something like:
‘To add realism / make your image more convincing, create more variation in textures, by adding random textures of different scale/rotation/location. Match the texture style, with the displacement of the surface.’

> That’s already helpful. Anything else?