First time trying to sculpt a character

I have sort of been afraid of sculpting. But this morning I woke up and thought “No. No more running away. Time to download Sculptris”.

So for the last 6 or so hours I have been sitting doodleing and trying to figure out the program.
This is the result, imported to blender and rendered in Cycles. This wasnt as scary as I thought, and might be able to learn this form of modelling some day! Practice, practice and practice!

And with some simple materials

Nice Work! by the way you don’t need Sculptris to do sculpting, I use blender to do all of mine.

cute, very cute.

It’s looking very special,indeed.

Time to start sculpting under blender / dyntopo.
You obviously missed the news.
Most of the remaining fans of sculptris were blender users (me among them)
Now the forum is almost dead. One of the two reasons is the development of blender sculpting.
The other… nevermind, who cares.

Nice … I m scared of scuplting too lol