First Time User, First Project - Modding World Of Tanks DDS files in 3D

Hello, I am a first time Blender user and so to start I wanted to post why I was using blender and for my first project what I aimed to achieve and if it’s possible. Simply put I am a gamer, I enjoy games and love using mods that other people have made. So now I want to start doing my own Mods.

So for my first project I would like to modify World Of Tanks texture .DDS skins. I leaned enough about Photoshop to import a DDS file into it and get the basic skin texture as a flat image. The image is great is you want to do a simple Color or Pattern change, but my goal is to create unique tank skins for personal and community use above and beyond just a color change. Example would be to add pin ups pictures or Kill markers that a real tank crew would have put on the side of their tank back during World War 2. So I needed a program that I can edit the texture on the actual model so I can see exactly what I’m changing and that won’t be warped in a flat image. So my first question is blender that program? and second what do I need to do to make it work? Any comments or answers much appreciated.

You’ll actually want Photoshop for editing the .DDS image files, and you can use Blender (If it supports the 3D model format of the vehicles) to view the 2D image maps on the 3D models in Blenders 3D viewport.

What 3D format does the game make use of for it’s vehicles?

See the Licence of the Game, it says you cant.

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