First Toon Shader + Sculpt Tests. C&C?

Hey! Here are a few test renders of a test I did with sculpting, and then added some toon shading to afterwards. What do you think?

Lighting isn’t my thing…but I don’t think they’re that bad…
Any comments/criticisms?


This would be great for the game engine… needs shadows, though. I sure wish outlines were supported by the game engine.


Thank you!
I know, it NEEDS shadows! I’m not quite sure what happened to them…in the tinkering process I must have inadvertently disabled them…
I’m trying to figure out how to fix it right now.

I sort of got edges working in BGE.

lost the original blend tho

Oh damn, a bunch of dlls and an exe. I can’t run it, sorry. Could you tell me more about that please? I.E. What you did and even what it looks like?

really? i ran it and it works for me :confused:

iirc it’s just a toon shader written in python that i pulled off the forums a while ago

wow…how did you do this…i would appreciate it …if you told me your secret…I’ll never tell :yes: and keep up the amazing work