First tree model

Hey there,

this is my first try in modelling a tree. The tree is generated with the “tree from curve” script in blender 2.49b. I can´t find any script in blender2.53beta… maybe someone could give me a hint where i have to look.:slight_smile: Texture of the tree was done with this script as well.

The leaves (particles) and the rendering was done in 2.53beta.
There is some work to do on the particle settings and the textures…

Crits and comments are very welcome!:slight_smile:

Greez, Jürgen


Cool tree but there are the roots, and where is the base of the tree?
Very nice texturing too

Hey thanks! Yeah the roots and the base… So this will come in the final version. This was really the very first renderoutput out of the “production” from today :smiley: I have to rework the texture of the bark and the leave as well… btw there´s just one leave on the tree… this is also a point i will change for the final!

thx and greez, jürgen