first tries at sub-d modeling

Here are some first attempts at sub-d modeling I came up with : a skull and a face . I thought I’d post them now since they are some what Halloweenish (sic) . Well the face is actually a screwed up render with yafray - (I didn’t know how to set it up) - and the eyes came out all wierd like that plus the bad lighting . I’m a relative noob to this (I started two months ago) so please excuse the hair (I mean where it starts - I set the starting value too high) and poor composition :stuck_out_tongue:


erm… very nice for a First Post!!! :smiley: Good job.


EDIT: oh and keep working on that head, its allready great, and it can be eaven better!

whoa - were you modeling Angelina Jolie?

seriously excellent modelling for the head, it’s a shame blender hair sucks so hard. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen good blender hair. someone, please prove me wrong. It always comes out looking like a doll or bad hairplugs. and actually, the lighting’s not too bad for the face - just kind of sinister. good work!

I love the lip area. It looks exceptionally realistic IMO. :wink:

Really, great work on the face over all. :slight_smile:

as ive understood they are makeing the hair greation better with the next blender release so thumbs up!

Thanks for your kind replies about my post . I know there are a lot of serious artists who submit really great and polished images and animations on this part of the forum .
But having a lot of experience making stuff in general, ( I have a BFA some what in scupture for what that’s worth ) most intersesting developments in any media occur in “tooling” around in the stuff and see how people interact with it .

  • I think it was “Node Ranger”(sorry I’m on the reply end here)who wanted to know if I was Angelena Jolie I was trying to model,- I wish! actually I tried to work off a picture of Natalie Portman from a box modeling tutorial I found . That was why I seemingly sounded so nebbish(sic-I think there might be a silent “k” before N) about my post . I worked on it off for a week until I realized the side/front view image was off (in the front view her head is tilted forward) . And between that and the poor lighting in the render I guess I also can see somewhat resemblence to Angelena . Though I must say most beginning art (drawing instruction) books do warn you about trying to do portraits of attractive people - they are usually pleasingly (sic) and frustratingly (sic) symmetrical (even with mirror modifiers ;p) .
    Anywho I’ve uploaded the following wire frame meshes to show you my attempt with out noob rendering mistakes . But still the mesh has issues for me (I finished that a month ago). The second is a fresh start, - without use of any inscreen background images to trace from (I found it harder to work that way - the skull I modeled - that was all “free-hand” with a referance book on my lap- there an internal bone that basically holds the skull together which was a bitch to figure out) and using somewhat the images of a more mature Natalie Portaman - closer to I guess when she worked on “V” for Vandetta . Should help me with hair rendering this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: LOL