First truly finished project.

This is my first project that I’m willing to call finished. Rendered in Luxrender, modeled in Blender, textures in Wood Workshop, some minor post-pro in various programs (commercial and freeware).

Hope you like it!


The noise is killing this. Fix the noise and you sir have a good render.

Yeah, the only thing stopping me from rendering this longer was the deadline…this was actually for a competition and the deadline was fast approaching so I had to stop the image before it was totally clear.

I probably won’t be doing another render of this (unless people really want me to)…I’m happy to have it over and done with :slight_smile:


Here you go. Post pro noise reduction is a must with unbiased renderer’s like Lux and Indigo. With good post pro you can cut the render time significantly.

I use Paint Shop Pro’s Digital Camera noise reduction and it works great.

For noise reduction you can also use Gimp,
Filter -> Selective Gaussian Blur
Set the Blur radius to 4-5 and Max.Delta to 10-12

This is a fun render :slight_smile: I like the idea a lot. And I think its well modeled, Wood Workshop sounds interesting also.

Heh that does look nice PhilBo.

About the noise and luxrender I am starting to rebel now, I think sometimes the noise is good, just like in a photo, remember what lux does, it simulating a Camera, which is very different from what a scan line render does, the noise is it exposing “film” ( well really a CCD array ) but this is the same in terms of photography, its high time to move beyond proof of concept and just think about control.

Many times I do stuff that I would love to show that I think looks great but I know the community won’t agree so I withhold them, because its “to noisy.”


You can also get some great noise reduction from the Greystoration plugin for the Gimp

Thanks for the link .
Exactly what I need :yes: