First Try At Animating !

This is my first try at animating and i would like to ask for your feedback ! :slight_smile: i made 2 other characters just like him which ill probably be animating also.
i did this all in blender internal (for the speedier renders and because how simple the animation is)
render time : 6 hours
creation time : 5 days ( Because i made other scenes with the other 2 characters inside of it)


nice job :RocknRoll:

thank you !

[thumbs up]:wink:

The character seems to be fine, but need a lot of improvements to the story and animation…

When he hits the floor, he slowly glides upwards slowly, most likely due to two key frames in slightly different positions. But it’s nice for your first try. Good job!

Not bad for a first animation. I see you tried to do a little bit of squash and stretch. One critique would be that when you squash him down, rather than just scaling downwards along the Z axis, you need to scale him outwards along the x and y axis. Think of it as he needs to maintain volume. Also, the screen shake makes it hard to see that he even squashed down (I had to play the video slower to even see it) Keep it up!