First try at Blender!

It took me over an hour of trial and error (mostly error) to get this far! My first go at creating anything in Blender. Yeah, I know you’re all jealous! :cool:

give a few months, then modelling will be easy texturing the next big challenge.

Had another go when I got home and a (very slight) improvement. I need to learn to see depth better when I’m modelling.

Okay, so go back to that chair. Lets go through this step by step. Going through making something easy will eventually help you with the harder stuff. First start out with a squished cube. This will be the part you sit on. Now, you want to use control-r to use edge cuts. Remember this. You want to do this to make squares on all the corners. Then, you want to select each of those sqaures and use e to extrude them to the amount you want to make it look like a chair. Then you can apply subsurf. Now you have a very basic chair and if you learn more, you can make it more complex. I hope this all makes sense in the pictures.

Ooooooh wow! Thank you for that. Far more straightforward than the proces I used!