First try at photorealism

A very basic scene.
This is as good as I can get it at the moment but I really don’t like the shadows. Any tips on that?

For high res versions and the blend files visit the site in my sig

I don’t know why, but the cubes seem to be floating. Maybe its just the beweled edges? Also, you need something for the topsides to reflect (maybe just a texture).

The shadows… you do have ambient occlusion/full yafray GI enabled, right? Also, set the world color to something other than black for those to get a better effect.

i think if you are using shadow buff lights it may be bias, or just the illusion of the bevelled edges

my suggestion would be to crank a bit of AO, enough just to give the eyes the guess of depth, or maybe an overhead light with some shadow =)

really looks great though!

i always use an area light for soft shadows, they don’t have a bias setting thingamajigger. the only problem is that it ups the render times

Cubes by nature arent photo realistic. Model something that exists. Something minimalistic. Like scissors or something.

What seems most unrealistic to me is that although the light appears to be coming from above the cubes, we can see nothing on the upper surface of the cube except specular. I’m guessing this is because they are reflecting a black background. You need something above them.

I agree that cubes by nature won’t look photorealistic