first try at photorealistic UPDATE PAGE 2

here is an image just to try and get it photorealistic
rendered in blender internal render

Kid A

Work on the walls. Maybe add a background image.

Yafray’s a little better for photorealism because that’s what it’s geared for. A photoreal chrome ball would have caustics in which Blender internal doesn’t have but can be faked.


Anyway, I think you should put a texture on the walls, they kind of defeat the purpose of trying to make it photo-real at the moment.

for photorealism, you certainly need a little bit more things, than just a reflective sphere! it’s very nice and reflective, perfectly round and smooth yes… but to make interesting image, get rid o fit and model something. a room forexample, I thikn that would be a good place to start.


what sucks is I can’t get yafray cause I got Jaguar mac

What you might want to do to make this look better is work on the ground plane texture… it’s too flat and doesn’t have enough relief / shades to look real … I think it would help the whole thing alot if the floor was better… The walls are better than the floor in my opinion but also could use some dirt…

The ball is a ball … and the thing to do with the ball is make it look like it’s really standing on the floor…and that’s not really the case now … that means that you need to work on the lighting … maybe some stronger shadow inthe right places so that the ball is really there…

Try using different lights for different things… like a shadow only light for shadow and a only specular light for specs etc…


Just for pointers, there is nothing less realistic than a perfect chrome ball on the floor in front of perfect red walls reflecting downtown Manhattan :smiley: I suggest you try a pencil or some other cliche object. Chrome balls are so yesterday :wink:

Chrome balls seem to be overused these days.

At least he didn’t use the checkered floor :wink:

What about something fantasy made photo real :slight_smile:

The ball us WAY too reflective.

looks at the reflection

Waitaminute… is that… a city in that reflection???

Photoreal like it could have been shot with a camera? Making the scene more real life dirty could help.
Well, give the walls a texture, blur the background heavily, put some sharp scratches on the ball (in other words: scratch your ball 8) ), use some throw shadows, subdivide the ground plane a couple of times and and use a displacement map on it, add some variation in light and dark, add a couple of insects flying around motion blurred. I think that that could fool a human eyes for a couple of seconds in tricking it to believe he’s looking at a real photo.

well there is alot of displacement already on the plane but its not subdivided. and about the dirt and walls I am mostly trying to focus on the ball but if that helps I will try it. and I will try to put on some scratches.
Thanks for the replys.

you have to sudivide the mesh for displacement mapping to work, the more subdivision the more detail is included in the displacment. Also the ‘photorealism’ aspect is let down by the unrealsitic scene, if you still want to use the chrome, how about a chrome kettle (yes they do exsist LOL) on kitchen desktop.

Okay about the subdivide I tried subdividing like so much that the plane in edit mode is just yellow.
but any way here is an update

I am having a bit of trouble with brick realism.
any tips are welcome.

ah good much better, have you got the displacement map in black and white on seperate texture channel with disp selected and the ‘disp’ and ‘Nor’ slider adjusted?

ok im not the best person to talk to when it comes to teturing (try env) I prefer to take take one step at a time when learning something so ive nearly finished most of learining about modelling but i havent really touched on texturing, anyway heres a displacement map of the bricks:


I made a grayscale of the original image for displacment map and assigned it to a seperate texture channel so no unnessariy colour or specular data was included.


Here is A big Update on the Brick displacment map.
and what I forgot about to tell is the shadow I have in the pic

I think your displacement map is going the wrong way.