first try, concept car

Hi all,

been trying out blender for a few weeks now.
Below a first screenshot of my concept car, it’s my first “real” model
except for some tutorial models
progress is very slow as it’s also a learning process for myself
so a lot of deleting, rebuilding and retrying will be involved
it will be pretty lowpoly too as i want to use it in the game Re-Volt.

what do you think of it sofar?
like how did i do the polyflow etc.

Ok i can see you are modeling straight from memory here. This is a No-No
Get some reference images, get some blue prints, get something cuz this doesnt look like a car it looks like a box (give it some more roundness…again you need a reference)
Look at some tutorials for low poly modeling maybe
This has way too many polys (useless edjeloops etc.) for a low poly model.
sorry if i sound mean i am just speaking the truth here, gd luck and post if you have any more questions we r here to help.

as stated, it’s a concept car so i only have my memory
can you please point out which edgeloops are useless?
this is the main/base shape i want it to look like made from a cube, adding more definition to make it look like a car is the next thing i’m going to do

ur comment is no problem, u don’t sound mean, it’s just honest :wink:

Have you tryed drawing out the car on paper. Doesn’t matter if your not good at drawing since it’s for personal use. Also i speak from experience when i say modelling something as complex and a vehicle without references or some form of drawing is the worst thing you can do.

I’m in agreement, even if it’s an entirely original car you can’t underestimate referencing something similar to what you have in mind (at this stage it looks like a nissan cube), not just because it will result in a better model , but the amount you will learn about how a vehicle is put together- and translating it to 3D will really help in all your future projects.

Planning is an important part of the project, It’s easier to do things correct than to try and correct later on.

thanks all, those were exactly the responses i was waiting for, critical with some great tips.
going to give it a go at trying to draw on paper what is in my mind first before contiuing this in blender
so i can get some references

really think you should break the model up into seperate parts aswell then you don’t have to worry about added loops where there not needed and then just join them when your done modelling.

have a look here it’s an old one but theres very nice models there.

you know i was going to tell you to break it out in to parts / body panels it will save you a lot of time and is a good practice.
i dont know any thing about low poly modeling. but i do like to do a lot of concept cars and things. i all most all ways do a sketch to, at a minimum get the general ideas and shapes/lines i want to capture. that being said there are some things that you need to have a reference for. like seat placement and doors and such.
that being said i normal use sketch book to start in, but the other day i was just exploring some shapes in blender and i ran across a body shape i liked a lot. and just went with it. so what i am saying is it can be done… but not as easy, and no ware as fast. after i cam up with the shape i went in and started looking for inspiration/refrance images to work with.

I understand the desire to want to just “jump in” and “go for it”. I don’t know what experience you have in art. The learned skill of seeing proportions and relationships is something that takes training and time. Add to the learning curve the UI of Blender and working in CG in general and trying to build something completely from scratch can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience.
I’ve been using Blender off and on since '05, even now I use tutorials similar to something new I’m trying to accomplish. Then I move on to working out my development of my scene or whatever project I’m working. Definitely try a good car tutorial before tackling a car model on your own. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.