first try game on bge

DIP (first micro test of my game project)

Unfortunately not configured logic and physics because it has only recently begun to study it

Whoa! That’s very impressive. A great first game.

One issue I noticed is that it isn’t real clear what are background object vs. objects you can interact with.

Amazing graphics, if you find a way to put shadows on the game it ll be awesome.
I hope to see more of your work!

Yeah, that’s looking pretty interesting - keep going with that project.

Yes, I guess interaction with background objects. Further I want to make many of them are dynamic so you can interact with them. another idea was to make a floating camera depth. try in the near future to implement this idea

yes! whitout shadows not good looking!) i ll try thingking what may do

As far as shadows go. You could just have a spot lamp set above, and to right of the player with left and right movement set slightly slower than the players movement. That way you won’t get an extreme angle on the shadow. Or you could just bake all your shadows, but it would’nt be real time.

Great job as a first try, can’t wait to see more.

hi ! may somebody tell on this movie used lightmaps or realtime shadows ?