first try of ubuntu. Gotta say, 'Wow!'

(Dan) #1

This is just so cool. Running ubuntu off the live cd as we speak. Trying it out on my laptop and everything works great. The desktop effects kick ass too :smiley: Now to just back up stuff and make the switch on this computer :smiley:

Man can’t wipe the smile off my face.
And yep I’m not a gamer, so that’s not gonna be a prob for me.


(Cubedude04) #2

That’s great news. I switched to Ubuntu a few weeks ago (Ubuntu Studio) and haven’t looked back

But make sure you know what your getting yourself into because as i am writing this my friend who tried it is screwed because his parents want xp back and he dosen’t have the cd


(Dan) #3

Hehe, yeh don’t worry I’m pretty pc savvy and its my personal laptop. I have alas only had experience with windows, but i’m finding ubuntu pretty intuitive so far. I’ll need to experiment a bit with desktop environments etc. I have another pc here that still has windows on it, which I can backup my files on when I decide to install. The funny thing is that this laptop is my first pc to have a legal copy of windows installed on it, and as its an oem there are no install disks. But that doesn’t bother me. It might take me a few days before I get around to wiping this pc clean. Windows is running really sluggishly at the moment. It feels so heavy. Got XP home on here.

My main reasons for switching to linux are

  1. Open source in general fits with my personal philosophy of not supporting large corporations.
  2. Linux is more stable and secure and YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT’S IN THE CODE. No more worrying about hidden DRM or NSA backdoors…
  3. Because I’ve fallen out of love with playing games. and
  4. Because Blender is cool and is open source and I feel like it does it more justice to run it on an open source machine. and
  5. Because Microsoft is turning out to just be one of those horrible monopolistic companies, what with their threats of patent lawsuits and buying out linux firms, and
  6. Because I’ve seen Vista and think it’s rather sad considering the resources MS has. I would never ever use Vista… And they want everyone to use it, hence their dropping support for XP so quickly, and I think that’s really gay…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been happy with using XP (but I’ve never paid for it, actually never paid for software in my life) - never had real crashes and stuff. I’d continue using it if perhaps Microsoft didn’t seem like such a big bully, and if Vista wasn’t so sad and a waste of time and money.

The best situation would probably be a 33 : 34 : 33 percent market share between ms, apple and linux. However, if this ever happened, people would be making a lot more software compatible with linux, and I think everyone would just abandon at least microsoft if their applications would work on linux… Imagine all that proprietary software could be run on linux. Do you really think anybody in their right mind would continue running windows? Not a chance in hell.


(garuhhh) #4

is there a livecd for ubuntustudio?


(Dan) #5

Doesn’t say anything specifically about a Live CD. Also it seems that there is only a 32bit version available?


(vitaliy) #6

no, there isnt a live cd for ubuntustudio

id personally swith to ubuntu if only i can run all my games properly, i personally see linux as the future but dang, there arent any games that work for it without hours of trying to get them to work


(guster3D) #7

ive got ubuntu studio running on my laptop.

ive got a few probz though.

its stuck at 1024x768 :frowning:
it only works when ive got a monitor plugged into my CRT port, i wont work from anything else. for example a DVI port, it gets upto the xserver and then gives me an error…:S


(Jimmey) #8

Most of the Wolfenstein games work on Linux - The ones that matter, anyway (RTCW Single and multiplayer, and Enemy Territory). They’re a bit old, but they’re still great games.

Some games work nicely in Wine too, but sometimes that can turn out to be a bit of a hassle.

But my friend recently built a new PC which would be literally unstoppable should it be running Ubuntu, but he told me that he plans to eventually use Vista. Whether or not he pays for it is none of my business, but the fact is, he says he will use Vista because Direct X 10 won’t run on XP.

I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, then Microsoft seem to be “supporting” gamers that use their OS even less than the people behind some Linux distros and some of the software applications available for them. Again, if what he says is true (I haven’t actually checked, but it seems pretty feasible), then he’s forced to use Vista if he wants to play the latest games. Forced.


(guster3D) #9

thats true, Dx 10 is for vista only.

i heard that crackdown for the PC has been cracked to work with XP under DX10 though.

i wonder who thought up the idea of only using DX 10 with vista only. stupid!


(vitaliy) #10

dx 10 is for vista only YES THATS TRUE BUT trust me since people dislike windows so bad (specially in the professional / gaming community) there will be as always some one who makes a work around from that and ports DX 10 to XP even if Microsoft doesn’t like it

theres always that one dweeb that finds ways around everything and it wont be to long (unless until got dx 10 games and apps start coming out) that some 1 cracks the system and ports it


(hessiess) #11

edit the xorg config file to the corect monitor res, sorry, carnet r ember the command to do this tho :(.

what kind of graphics card is it? have you installed the driver?


(guster3D) #12

its an intergrated intel 945

i think i have the drivers installed, its picked up in the devices list etc


(hessiess) #13

its probably a x config file problem, although im no expert with Linux (or intal cards:rolleyes:). try asking on ubuntu forms, post as much information as possible, system specks, version of os etc.

it may just be me, but blender seems to run much faster on Linux, i know dus render slightly faster becose i tested that:D


(Linusbtu) #14

Now I am using Ubuntu studio on my little older Desktop Pc: AMD 2400+ Processor, 1gb ddr ram on an asusA7N8X-X and an nvidia 6200, 256 mb ddr2 And mostly works fine, Only have some problems with the sound. Blender runs good as gimp and other graphics programs.
Think it can run faster tho but I am not so in to programing things myself.
Now, too the point. Yes I was in an stupid mood when I bought an Acer Aspire 9423 WSMi Pr instaled With Vista ultimate.
I did not see a computer go that slow… even my C64 loaded games faster then this laptop loads my mail program. And Blander …I will not talk about that;( .
At this time I am also looking fore info fore running Ubuntu on that laptop and came along a few (Maybe) help full sites.

Ill let it know when I tried Ubuntu on my Acer with Intel core duo T5500, 2gb of ram and nvidia geforge 7300 128 Mb. Sham full how vista goes on it.

One question tho. Can someone tell us whit’s Operating system is (in technical terms) best suited fore working with Blender? And gimp e.a. ?
Thanks Greetings, Linusbtu :cool:


(hessiess) #15

Ill let it know when I tried Ubuntu on my Acer with Intel core duo T5500, 2gb of ram and nvidia geforge 7300 128 Mb. Sham full how vista goes on it.
vista is verry badly bloted, and its got drm and uther garbage that you rilly do not want. i guss you would probaly need a quad core and 4 gig of ram to make it even remotaly usfal.

althow i havent actualy used it, just studyed system recwirements and what outher people have sead about it, red verry few coments that sead it was actualy good.


(CursedTyrant) #16

I don’t really like Ubuntu, it’s too simple for me and everything seems so automated.

It’s pretty much a simpler Debian, and I prefer Debian over any other distribution.


(Felix Kütt) #17

indeed, its debian based, and sure, the 8-10gig(can remember the precise weight) 2DVD version of debian is unbeatable! :smiley: currently running ubuntu feisty myself :slight_smile:

about ubuntustudio, as its in its first release, i would wait untill the next version or one after, then i might switch to that :slight_smile:


(hessiess) #18

its ment for people switching from windows, windows dus so much hand holding that even ubuntu can scare people off.


(matos) #19

im using ubuntu studio, its a ubuntu 7.04 distro (feisty fawn) with diferent layout…
the big diference is that it come with a low latency kernel(for audio) and a good package of software(blender,gimp,inkscape,kino, audacity,agave…and some more usefull software), its a graphic and audio designer distro.
we have the option to install or not the software that is splited for main categories like audio, video , graphics, if we dont install audio for example, we dont get a low latency kernel(i didnt install it, im not working with audio).
it use the same packages of ubuntu 7.04
and remember…
alt+f2 > gksudo nautilus (graphical administration mode)
well im a noob in ubuntu world i cant help much more…im only using it for 2 weeks.


(CursedTyrant) #20

I do realise that, I’m just saying I don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue: