First Try

(ChooDaddy) #1

This is my first rendering… I needed a model for the new Recording Studio I’m having built to see what paint to use, what lights to use, and how to build some custom furniture. I need to add glass to the window and some more equipment. Any comments would be GREATLY appreciated…

(BgDM) #2

Looks pretty good!

Seems a little dark right now, (i’ve actualy recorded some stuff in the past and it sure wasn’t that dark), but if that is the mood you are looking for, then it’s great.


(Aksy) #3

Looks good 8)

But some light. Then the picture is better.

This is only my opinion.

(ChooDaddy) #4

Thanks 4 the advice. Since it was oringinally a model 2 see what it would look like if i built it, i wanted 2 only use the lights that were actually going to be used. I took your advice though and added some more to make it more artistic. let me know what u think…

(BgDM) #5

That’s better :smiley: Great job.