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ok I want to try to write a script I dont know where to start. I want to select a face then select another then run my script then the faces are parallel (probably already a script for this?) so I am not a programer but I am a smart guy :stuck_out_tongue: to the very basic what should I use as a text editor (windows) so I can start trying and learning. also any links to a very simple tut or example.

Use Notepad in win (doesn’t add unnecessary tabifying and such) or IDLE from the Python install or SPE (by Stani here in the forum). See bottom link in my sig for tuts.


I handel all the scripts I download with note pad I think I must be intimidated by writing my own now I have to try. First try coming soon
thanks fligh%

Blender, shift-f11, RMB, New .

thanks guys
jms nice work on the tuts! got me going I made a plane took about 2 hours to under stand what I did. I know that might sound bad but I left out a line and I was able to find my error because you explan very good, and I understood what I was looking at.

ok this is what I want to do select one object in blender with 2 faces get the rotation of each (Euler I think) find the difference than apply that difference to some other object. the goal is I can rotate one object so a specific face is parallel to another face of a different object. now what I cant seem to get is ( I know I am a noob at this) what happens to the data I get from blender and how can I tell what data is what and how I name it ( the data I get from blender )so I can use it to transform some other set of data. I cant see how to name list of data so I can work with them. does this make any sense?

To determine if two faces are parallel, you should compare the normal values . But first, you have to transform the meshes data of these two objects in the global space .

I am lost I have no programming experience and most of the python tuts I have tried are “this tut assumes you have a knowledge of c or c++” I don’t so I am having a hard time. I can copy the tuts and get the results but I don’t understand what’s going on. Right now all I want to do is try to write Blender script. I know I sound lazy but I really am trying to learn. Could some one write a scrip that gets some geometry from a Blender scene, in editmode and the modifies it some how, something simple like move it 10 in the y, with a DETAILED line by line explanation. then redraw the new scene in Blender. I have been looking at a lot of Blender scripts and I am getting some stuff but when I try what I asked for above I cant get it.
or a tut for doing what I describe (jms I wish I could read French. I had my 6 year old daughter helping me with some translation.)

Look at the Python link in my sig for a link to jms’ english pages (and some others).