First Tutorial I ever made!

(Riskbreaker) #1

Ok so there maybe things here that might not sit well with any of you fellas (since it is my first tute), thats mainly the reason i hesitate at writing tutes, but i had to put some sort of content on my site :stuck_out_tongue:

Its very basic, and quick. Heck Im not even sure if anything i wrote up is correct.
Got to tutorial section: Dfekt Studio

What do you think?

(EnthroneD) #2

hey there risk…why dont u reduce the graphic content of the site…it might get heavy for slow connects…but i guess ur tut does require some basic illustrations right??(duh! contradiction here…)

anyway…intresting tut…and i’ve seen that rule work wonders with photography.

(dreamsgate) #3

nice tutorial. I bookmarked your page.

(Turrin) #4

Good tute. Its right on. The only thing I would consider adding is telling the reader about the intersects of the lines. Generally, that’s where you want your focus to be. You kind of illustrated this, but it didn’t come out quite as clear as I think it could. Great job overall!


(digitalSlav) #5

speaking for the lowbanders here i must say thank you - someone who actually knows some compression. nice tut by the way.

(bmax) #6

cool tut, wouldnt have hesitated to bookmark the page if i wouldnt have known about that… ;). oh, and please unlock the background, its really annoying, and the compression is really visible (poor quality), especially on the navbar pic.

enough criticism, hope it helped! :smiley:

(valarking) #7

Nice tut. I deem it “TutLinks Worthy”
You can find it in my tutorial links.

(Riskbreaker) #8

Hey folks,

Sweet feedbacks, many thanx :smiley:

about jpeg compression:
im on dial-up myself so i guess i got no choice but to cater for the lowbanders and above :smiley: But seriously, i try to think of the general audience.
But the compression artefacts, I dont know how to get rid of. I’ll fix it up some day but i gotta finish the next tutorial first (and i’ll look into fixing up the first one).

non-scrolling bg:
Is it the bg pic that annoys you or is it the fact that its non-scrolling? I’ll look into it either way.

valarking and dreamsgate:
Thanx :smiley:

(munkey_mike) #9

While I may be only a newbie at blender, I am a strong web coder. The text on the actual tutorial page spills into the black part of the background, making it unreadable unless highlighted by the cursor. This is probably cause of resolution compatability (I’m running at 1600X1200). I suggest breaking up the text (br), or finding a way to stretch out the background. I know it says "best viewed at 1024X768, but good websites should all be able to adapt to all resolution because no likes changing their resolution just to see one site. Other than that, it looks good so far.

(Riskbreaker) #10

I was just waiting for someone to say that :slight_smile:
Actually, Im working on fixing that, while i try to finish the second tutorial.