First Vase Consept

My first Vase concept of a vase.

Only been playing with blender for a few months so still so much to learn. :spin:

looks cool to me. Maybe get it printed at Shapeways!

thanks. Thats my plan to get some on my work 3d printed then caste in silver. need to get better in blender first :smiley:

Very good looking renders. Good job. :slight_smile:

Very realistic looking render and nice design. The bottom could be wider, doesn´t look quite stable.

I love it also! I too have tons to learn about blender so I can appreciate this vase as a great starting point!.

Thanks for comments. currently working on a range of different vases to incorporate into interior scenes and will post them in few weeks. I agree Nerotbf, i have been looking at new work and need to make all the bases look more stable. Cheers