First vehicle model

This is my very first vehicle to model in blender, medium resolution. Reason being my pc laptom is a dinosaur core i3 2gb ram cpu graphics…I am to finish up with the interior then begin the texturering to try and achieve a warm combat feel to it. Some what aggressive look on the vehicle.


You have done an amazing job if it is your first model!

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nice work !!! i spent 6 yeas on blender and i still cant do something like this !!!

Thanks, I would say its been one year and a half trying it out…myself am amazed that it turned out this way for a very first vehicle model.

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Hi guys, after i was done with the vehicle modeling, I begun exploring on the texturing bit trying to see what I could come up with.

I got to a point it was so exciting and I was so over whelmed by all the possible outcomes. Deciding for the first what style to go with was not easy. At the last i just picked this look though…i don’t know. I just wanted to hear from you and maybe get some suggestions and corrections.