First Walk Cycle/WIP

This is my first semi-successful walkcycle. Please Criticize it.

Shoot reference. Look at the hips (bouncing ball). Forget the arms for now.

I’ll give a better critique on your next version.

Yeah you really want the torso to be moving. Shoulders come into a walk too. It’s a whole body thing.

I am new in char anim too, but already understood that walks and runs are one of the hardest things to do.
try to create something simple:

  • bouncing ball
  • bouncing ball with tail
  • bouncing ball with tail and legs
  • and so on :slight_smile:
    good luck, and don’t surrender!

Shader2 speaks the truth. That’s what they teach at animation mentor.
The hardest part about a walk (indeed any body mechanics animation) is getting the weight right.
Convincing weight is generally all in the hips. Practice on a bouncing ball and your hip animation will improve.

you can get inspired by this walkcycle

Hmmm… nup, sorry. Another example of weightless animation.

Interesting that the OP asked for critique, then disappeared.

This guy moves like a robot. A little more work you need to insert the animation more realistic.

You should have a look at the sintel walk cycle tutorials here:

There are also tutorials for bouncing balls.