First Walk Cycle

Hello, This is my first walk cycle. C&C welcomed.

First WIP:

Second WIP:

Side Shot:

Thanks for the tip 4Daniel.

  • Atariman -

Hi, that’s a pretty good walkcycle. To give it that extra bit of “swing”, I’d suggest you give the lower arm a bit of a swing so it’s not one straight arm. Furthermore, try to let the character lean on a leg some more. But it’s a good start!

Good start, I think you shouldn’t disregard the movement of the hips and shoulders.

Here’s a good walk cycle tutorial by George Maestri.

The biggest problem is the hips always remain the same distance from the ground throughout the walk cycle. That’s just unnatural (although typical for beginning walkcycles).

The amount of “bounce” you want to add is up to you - changing it will really effect the type of personality of the walk.

There should also be a bit of a twist as the leg moves forward. The shoulders twist in the opposite motion to counterbalance this.

The timing of the lean is a bit off; it feels like it comes a bit late. Also, since it only happens on one side, it gives the impression that the character is walking with a bit of a limp.

Actually, it’s a great walk if you’re trying to capture an older person who’s in a bit of pain, so they’re avoiding any gross movements. :wink: