First walk cycle.

One problem I’m running into is this. When I do the “Paste mirrored keyframe” (I know I’m not using right terminology here as I am not sitting at my hobby PC) in Pose Mode, I have a problem. The arms mirror sufficiently well, but the legs flip all over the place. I did notice that my leg bones have wildly different rotations, even though they have the exact same “position” and length. But rotating them back to the way they were just wacks everything else out, so I’m worried that it would be more pain than it is worth.

Any tips?

i’m not sure how to fix your problem but the arm movement needs a little work. i think the legs look good though :slight_smile:

What version of blender you using?

If it Blender 2.40 I has this problem.

Create 3 bones. then create a seperate bone coming from the start of the 3rd bone.
Go into pose mode. Select the 3rd Bone, it should be called Bone.003

Click on Add constraint > IK Solver
Then in the first ext box write: Armature
Press Return a new text box should appear.
Write in it Bone.004

Now heres the confusing bit.

Deselect: Use Tip
Beside the Use Tip button is Chain Len
Make it ChainLen: 2

By doing this to all the bone joints being controled by an IK Solver should solve your problem.

Sadly because I cant play putfile. I dont know what your problem is.

But if it was moving an IK solver some how moved/rotated the other bones this should solve it.


Try selecting all of the bones (in edit mode) and pressing ctrl-n. This will recalculate the bones roll angles. You many need to temporarily unparent the mesh from the armature while you do this.

Thanks for all the advice, but Ctrl-N is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks all.