First Walk Cycle.

After banging my head against the wall trying to learn rigging concepts, I was finally able to animate a plain walk cycle.
New version uploaded

Comments are welcome if you have any, as always…be gentle.

Thank you.

Just need to tweak the editor a little to get the stall in between each step out so the transition in between steps will be smooth

aye, am just tired for today :S

Thank you.

New version rendered out with some of the poses pushed; that odd walk stutter smoothed out as well.

Thank you for any comments.


at the time of this posting, there is 15 min left before the video is actually up on vimeo

…oO( darn you free membership! waves fist ) :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked your animation! I just feel the foots stopping when it touch the ground… if you set the foots to be more continuous at the contact pose it will be better. You have a nice timing!

Why thank you :slight_smile: I think I understand what you are speaking of about the contact pose? With that hunch will alter it a bit and see what happens.

Looks really good for a first walk cycle.

Thank you! sigh if only lighting was less difficult, lol