First WIP ever :: Finding el Nino :: Updated 12/23/03

well, i’ve been lurking these boards for a while now, been sketching, and have taken the leap into putting a serious effort into modeling something beyond a cube or a sphere. so in a sense, this is my first real model…i actually plan to make the eyes “pixar” style…but not until all modeling is done. i just put those in and mirrored the other half to give myself a boost in morale.

he’s supposed to be a reject from the casting call for Finding Nemo. A little bit smarter than the “bubbles” character, but not by much. … I found that keeping the characters personality in mind helps me stay motivated and inspired… anyway, crtis are welcome, as well as words of wisdom…

i’ll post a wireframe in a bit to show you my edgeloops ( any my insane attempts to exit from them for the rest of the body )

–New Pics:

– Wireframe

this is my first real model. i still got to tighten up the fins. i plan to texture it as well. i know the poly count is high, but any critiques on the wireframe regardless?

any suggestions on how to add eyelids that can be animated as well?

Pretty nice for a first time. Not a lot to crit now. One question, what is the protrusion down by the mouth (gills?) Looking great though, make sure and post some updates.

anybody have any comments on what i’ve done so far?

You hit the cartoonish style right on, the eyes seem a bit sunken though. :slight_smile:

It looks like you have a seam going down the center. I would try constrain scaling all the vertices in the center so they all line up and then W-key and remove doubles. Also it looks like “set smooth” or “auto smooth”, I would try to subsurface it. I agree with crsrma about the eyes. Other then that, great first work!!! [>] [!]


It’s got a bit of the seam down the middle where (presumably) the working and mirrored halves were joined. That’s something I’m having trouble with myself these days, so I’m not sure how good my advice would be, but it pays to just keep it in mind while working near the line of symmetry that you want to ease into the edges near the end to avoid any sharp spikes or valleys on the seam.

Aside from the UVspheres for eyes I wouldn’t say it was particularly high-poly. They’re not quite positioned or sized right, since you can see into the eye socket and part of the eye shows through the skin, but I’m sure you’re aware of that.