First WIP Post-Skyfish

Hi All,
I’ve gotten this idea from the flying birds in Avatar, and decided to model a skyfish. It will be sculpted, and probably rigged later, and definitely UV mapped.
And yes, the wings look terrible right now, but those will be sculpted too.

1st test @ sculpting it, and moved from 2.49b to 2.5.2

nice I’d love to see it swim/fly

interesting idea, but i would suggest modeling as much as you possibly can before sculpting.

and nice specs, by the way :smiley:

@spacetug - yes, I had modeled it a bit more before sculpting, but, the base mesh was pretty much what I had wanted.

Yes, I know someone will comment about the poor lighting: Yes, I will fix it, it’s just that it isn’t quite the highest priority now, even though it’ll only take a few mins to fix
I was also wondering, in the future, if the new indirect lighting feature could be used for bioluminescence.
And on a side note, the system specs are now a bit dated: the system, a prototype… :(, short circuited, so is now no use… when I manage to scrape together a few hundred $, then I can get a workstation that isn’t so faulty!

I’ve learned the Blender 2.5.2 has a sculpting system soooo much better than Blender 2.49’s :slight_smile:
So, I’ve gotten quite a bit of progress in sculpting, 5 multitire layers, got the base scales done, except for on the fins and tail. One thing that I noticed is that clay and inflate sculpt don’t quite work like they should(clay has wacky spikes that shoot out)