First WIP

Yikes. You people here have me left far far in the dust. Trying to get some practice at this.

here’s my first WIP for an animation I’m working on. Eventually, I’m going to wrap some text on the missle body and put it in the open sky XP then I’mma blow it up. yay.

but here it is so far.

and the render

any help would go over really well ^^; thanks!

I’m really not a pro at blender (just started using it, like you) but I think I have some suggestions for you. Actually it’s about the design of the missile, you should flatten it’s “wings” - they are not very aerodynamic yet. And I’d make the missile body a little bit longer, I think that might look better.

But I’m looking forward to see your textures and that animation kaboom ^^

I have to be agreeable with him the wings and tail fin do look a little blocky, make them thinner and bevel the edges.

Updated. Here’s a begining sketch of the Missile at laser contact. I need some help figuring out how to show heat and charring at impact, but any C&C at all is 100% more than welcome:

Need some OSA on that

I’m really sorry, but I’m really new to blender. What is OSA?

OSA stands for oversampling - gets rid of the jaggy edges. You can enable it in the F12 render menu. Also, set the number of samples - 16 for best quality. Also, I think you should go into editbode for the tip of the missile, press A to select all and CTRL+N to recalc normals outside - that’ll remove the dark line. And you might want to post smaller renders: as there isn’t an overwhelming amount of detail to wonder at, a smaller image would make the images better to examine on low-res monitors and for dial-up users.

Now go update! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for the Controling normals help! I’d been wondering how to get rid of that weird line. I also turned on OSA. ^.^ thanks for the help, keep it coming! I need this too look as professional as possible!

Your missile seems stylized, are you modeling it from a reference picture? If not then I would suggest you decide what kind of missile you want and find pictures of it on google, av, etc. To me it looks a bit like a scud missile (just from a quick image search). With a reference picture, you can add all the little details that we forget when we’re doing something completely from our heads. If you don’t know how to put the reference image in blender you use view -> background image while you’re in 3D view.

The reference picture should also help you with any texture you choose to put on it, and to decide things like the spec value more accurately.

I’m not very far along using blender myself. Good luck to you on your project.

Actually, I’m developing this for a class ^.^ so I was kind of going for the generic look, this will also eventually (if I can ever figure out the controls) be part of an animation. However, can anyone offer some help with getting the flames to taper rather than to move into a ball o.O; that would be really great.

A Lattice. Look at this

at the bottom there is a section called:Controlling Particles via a Lattice

Actually, the first thing I tried was a latice. :confused: I couldn’t get the particles inside of it! then, once I did, they all bunched at the end.