First work. Goban

Hi everybody,

First of all just to say is a pleasure to read and admire the work of elysiun community, just downloaded blender few weeks ago and got the book last week (by the way an excellent manual, highly recommendable)

This is my first work, pretty simple but I promise to improve it in few days (at the moment I am working in the stone bowls and room decoration).


  • Modelling time: 2 hours.
  • No raytracing nor radiosity /AO. Just pure blender scanline. (it renders in few seconds in my PIII/1GZ).

I am working as well in traslating some tools I developed in the past for POVRAY (Preprocesor for Bridge Modelling - I am a bridge engineer -). As soon as I finish this (I am using AC3 format as blender input) I promise to post some better work, mainly bridges :wink:

Nice work. Your wood texture is really niceā€“is it procedural or a mapped image?

Looking forward to your bridge works :).



Thanks, block01cube

The texture is just an image unfortunately, hope to be able to produce some nice procedural textures in the future.

Just as an example of the job i used to do with povray, the image below is some of the designs we did:

Shortly, I hope to be able to produce better models with blender.

(by the wayt the bridge is currently under construction in the south of spain).

nice go-ban (I have almost the same).

texture is fine but should be a little more glossy.