First work with blender (gun)

I’ve played with blender in the past, and did quite a few random things, though never posted any. Now I thought I’d just kind of create a gun, and make a little scene with it.

Here is individual sections of the gun.

It’s just basic materials on the gun, I will go through and texture it somehow in the future. I plan to have a whole scene with this gun, maybe an armory-style scene, or something.

Kind of nervous to throw this out there, as I’m not sure if anything I’m doing is right or what. Thank you for your consideration.

You don’t have to be nervous posting stuff here, the worst thing that can happen is that you get some constructive criticism :evilgrin:
On this model you can see the effect subsurf and how does that impact the shape. I would now reccomend to think about what edgeloops do with subsurfed model - just experimet a bit or look at some modeling tutorials around. If you also consider what would be the purpose of individual elements in the real world, your models will start looking believable, rather than just bunch od blocks glued together.

It’s an odd little machine that’s for sure.
The subsurf doesn’t seem to help the fact that it’s an inorganic substance. Gets in the way of the geometry.
And if you add a camera to the scene you could work the lighting to present it in another fashion. If you’ve got the time that is.

I appreciate the criticism, and I will work on this model to make it look more presentable.

Take a look at hard surface modeling tutorials,most of them make use of the subsurf modifier or equivalent in other 3d modeling software.

I have put aside the assault rifle, and started work on a handgun. Just to experiment with different techniques and looks. Though I think I went with much of the same technique in the end.

I’m going to work on lighting and camera work later on in the project.

At DCBloodHound, I will look at hard surface tutorials when I get time, and I will apply the skills I learn to the models as I continue to work with them.

I have updated the Assault Rifle, and tried to make it more solid and all around better looking. Working on adding more details, just making it a neat looking gun. I messed around with cycles rendering, I’m liking it.

Edited the model a bit, added more detail in some spots, working on giving it a more solid look instead of all curvy and such. How’s it looking now, compared to the start? I think it’s a major improvement, still a but curvy though. Working on that though.